Our weekend of debauchery…

I am going to totally cop-out here and tell you that Jean summed it up well for the two of us: http://siobhan-genie.livejournal.com/85581.html

We had an absolutely outstandingly wonderful time showing Colleen around our favourite spots in Oregon, and finding new ones at every turn. Now all we need to do is find her a job with coworkers that she’ll love as much as her current ones 🙂 Other than that, I think she was at about 80% convinced to move up here when we put her back on the plane to fly home…

Oddly, I seem to have only gained 1.2 lbs. from the weekend’s gorging. We started with a hefty dinner Thursday night, and pretty well continued that trend through the weekend until Monday night ended with dinner and drinks ON the Willamette. So, a good 5 days OFF the jenny plan didn’t seem to hurt (weight wise) as much as we expected. But damn was it tough to start again last night!

There is SOOO MUCH good food in this city, it makes sticking to a diet plan that much more difficult. Add on the fact that (because of the pre-packaged plan) we can’t go out and be the gastronomic explorers we are accustomed to being, we can get down-right flustered when trying to find good places to take friends! I think we were still able to hold our own, but at this rate it will take us YEARS to find the really good places!

Now, we just need to get all of our other friends to visit so they can see how wonderful it is up here and in no time they will decide to make the move as well 🙂 I figure the hardest part will be getting people up here. Once they get here, the city and state will take over and convince them the rest of the way….

2 thoughts on “Our weekend of debauchery…

  1. It was SOOOOO hard to get on that plane and come home! I loved Oregon, thank you both so much again for such a wonderful time!

    I took a short nap yesterday afternoon, fully intending to join J&M and some wine coolers at the pool (it’s HOT here!) and ended up sleeping for a full 12 hours. I slept right through my Jenny weigh-in appointment, but that’s probably a good thing since I weighed myself as soon as I got home and had gained FIVE pounds! I’m sure I’m simply retaining water (or perhaps it’s all that marionberry cobbler I’m retaining. And the berry mojitos. And the salmon. And that amazing burger with all that white cheddar. And the wine. And the rest of the wine. And the Voodoo doughnut. And the wine of course)

  2. Me next! Me next! The flight from Boston is long, so please find places for me to chill and places to chomp and I will make my way out there!

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