One more site under my belt…

It is about done, and I need more user input so I decided it was time to go live with the new 3DC and so I just sent out the email below to the Friends3DC Yahoo Group:

I couldn’t keep it under wraps any longer.

Set your bookmarks my friends!

This link will take you to the newly updated site. There are a ton of new features, including a tasting notes database, a discussion forum, events calendar, founders’ blogs, and more!

While the site WILL be changing a little in the coming weeks and months depending on the feedback I receive, this is pretty much the final version. Features of the site may come or go, but the basic structure shouldn’t be changing much. This is the new home of the 3 Drunken Celts!

We do intend to keep the Yahoo Group going, as it provides a good source of communication without active participation. However, messages about new bottles, new vendors, new bars, etc. would be more at home in the forums of the new site (which does include a subscription feature to let you know of updates if you so desire).

I hope you enjoy the site and some of the new features we are able to provide. Of course the BEST content will be provided by the entire 3DC family in terms of tasting notes and forum discussions! So PLEASE register and start using the site for all it is worth! Like our tasting events, the more we put into the site, the more we’ll get out of it.


I am actually fairly proud of the site. It is about the most professional one I have done to date, and am very happy with some of the features I was able to add. I spent a good amount of time re-writing a Bibliography module to be whisky specific and act as a tasting notes database instead. Glad that is over with though as I detest digging into php code, or any code for that matter.

So, whatcha all think?

3 thoughts on “One more site under my belt…

    1. THANKS!

      Danke mucho! And than you for the feedback… I wanted to keep it classy, but not cold; fun and inviting, but not stupid silly; and easy to use.

      I actually spent quite a bit of time on this one being a bit obsessive about it since it was not being dictated by client requirements, but rather my own.

      Now all I need is for other 3DC members to start adding content like tasting notes and the like. I am hopeful that this site will grow and become a really great whiskies resource!

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