On teh intardwebs, teh sux0r is made of fail….

It seems that I have gone more than a month without any sort of content rich post. Wow. I AM teh sux0r, as the kids say these days. The lack of communication has only been driven by my own tired emotional state. Too much to do and worry about makes for no energy left to make any meaningful posts. So, what follows will be more of a brain dump in some unorganized fashion. You were warned….

-Work has been, well… work. Busy as ever trying to get two full time jobs to fit in the space of one.
-We have been at the new house every night and weekend since taking possession of it, excluding the 4 days Jean’s parents and sister were in town.
-Playing host to in-laws can be a very emotionally taxing role, especially when you have 5billion other things to think about.

We have been refinishing the front stairs, which has amounted to a huge amount of time spent hunkered over them with sand paper. We FINALLY got the first two coats of stain on over the weekend and are very please thus far with the results. Next up is the polyurethane coats and then cleaning up the base-boards, rail spindles, and risers with a nice coat of white semi-gloss. Pics follow under the cut below…

The next few weeks are going to be very interesting in a BUSY sort of way.
We are waiting on our flooring to be delivered, which may or may not make it in time to be installed before we move in. I am still hopeful, but I don’t think it is going to happen, so we are planning on moving in without the floors installed.
I am also working on getting an electrician out to resolve some grounding issues in the old 2-wire part of the home and to split off some unwise double-tapping in the breaker box.

Of course, work had to get in the way. We move into the house on Jan 18th, and then I am off on Jan 21st to fly down to Irvine for 3 days of work. I fly Back to PDX on Jan 24th, so the trip will be short and stress filled I am sure. During that time, Jean gets the fun task of staying home and making sure the rental is clean enough to hand back to the property management group, as well as organizing the new home as best she can before I return. Once back from the trip, we’ll be able to focus properly on getting the work on the floors done. In the mean-time, we will need to figure out how to move in such a way that things can be easily moved around to accommodate the flooring work.

Right now, I just need to see progress. Sitting around and waiting is NOT doing it for me. Having ONE project finished would go a long ways to helping me deal 🙂

Sanded and ready for stain:

Applying the first of 3 coats of stain:

After the second coat of stain:

No third coat pictures exist yet, but I’ll be sure to post them once we take them. The risers, spindles, and baseboard trim will all be done in white to set off the dark ebony stain. Pay no attention to the sloppy smudges; those will all be cleaned up soon enough.

12 thoughts on “On teh intardwebs, teh sux0r is made of fail….

  1. Oooh, fun projects!

    Hey, have Jean give me a call if she wants help cleaning or with simple stuff like that…email me for my phone number if you like. I’m pregnant but not crippled, and that’s a lot of stuff to do alone (plus it is more fun with company). Seriously, I’m glad to help.

    1. Girl, you have NO idea what you just volunteered for 😉 I’ll let her know…

      And yes, the projects ARE fun, but tiring and expensive and stressful and a whole hell of a lot of work.
      Actually, it wouldn’t be that bad if my damn flooring would arrive in time to be installed before move-in. THAT is my biggest stressor right now. You wanna kick Lumber Liquidators in the ass and get my floors here tomorrow? Cause THAT would help a lot! 😉

      1. Oh I know about all the tiring, expensive, stressful wonderfulness of it! It is so hard, trying to get as much as possible done before you move mass furniture.

        Good luck with the floor guys–ugh!

    1. Re: Whoa…

      They aren’t as narrow and steep as some we have seen. But it IS typical 1940s construction, so they ARE more steep and narrow that you are used to. Oddly, I never really noticed until you said something. They really aren’t that bad.

      Of course, if you have an issue, we can always send you up the back way through the “servants” stairs… 😛

      1. Re: Whoa…

        Those stairs are spacious compared to Antz grandmothers house….very steep, narrow and downright scary!! (oh, and her banister is a thick rope)

        1. Re: Whoa…

          my grandmothers home in Ohio was the same way as Ant’s. I remember taking a header down it as a child. Scary stuff. THIS stair case, on the other hand, IS indeed useful and decidedly NOT scary 🙂

      2. Re: Whoa…

        Not much room to stop and admire the family portraits on the way up the stairs, s’all I’m sayin’. 😛

        When I was in my teens, we lived for a few years in an Edwardian farm house and my room was the old servants’ quarters, complete with tiny staircase that went down to the kitchen. So I’m quite familiar with going up the back way, thank you very much! Wait, that didn’t come out right…

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