OK… I’m a geek… Get over it.

As I have been (and intend to continue) using my motorcycle as my main mode fo transportation, I have found it necessary to find some good luggage to allow me to carry more than my wallet and phone. While I have a backpack, I don’t tend to feel completely comfortable as it seems to bind in annoying places.

So, after a bit of on-line surfing over the past two days, I finally found the -perfect- magnetic tank bag for my needs.

The CARGO by Frank Thomas Tank bag.

It is constructed of 1200 denier Enduraflex fabric, sports a see through map pocket on top of the bag, and has concealed rucksack straps in base. More importantly, it spiral zips to expand the main section from a meager 25 liters, to a much larger 40 litres!

So now I can carry my extra set of gloves, a change of clothes, or whatever else I couldn’t fit in my pants pockets! Hmmm, maybe some decent day/weekend trips are in my future now….

Tonight, however is craft night for Raz and I. We will be patterning out our new buff coats and will be cutting up the three hides of nubuck we recently purchased (for an ungodly cheap amount of $135!!!!).

Finally, I will be able to begin semi-accurately portraying a Border Reiver persona. It is our intent to make sure the pattern of the buff coats are as close to accurate for 1603 as possible. Yes, I know it is lame and geeky, but I can’t help being excited to recreate such a distinct article of clothing. There is just something about the buff coat that drew me to the Border Reivers in the first place.

Good times….

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  1. Wow. That’s a pretty Yellow Dress you’ll be sportin’, Tough Guy. I believe Twiggy made that popular in the late 60’s! Way to bring it back.


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