News on the real estate tip

My realtor, Eddie, just gave me a call. He had two properties just cross his desk which reminded him of us, and he wanted to see how we were settling in and to pass on the following information:

2 of our neighbors have just listed their properties. Both have been listed at $620,000.

Only 3 months ago did we spend $525,000 on the same properties after a complete remodel. You do the math. With $105,000 down, and the same properties going for $95,000 over what we paid… We are rolling in equity after only 3 months. My head is spinning. I feel much better about a half million dollar home purchase now. 🙂

On the weekend recap tip:
Dad’s show went very well. He sold another painting (the light house that -everyone- was looking at) and got some “really GREAT leads” in his words.

Later Saturday we came home and napped and ended up with Tom Terri and Logan coming over and grilling up 2 HUGE flank steaks. These were so big that the 5 of us didn’t even finish off the FIRST steak, let alone even touch number 2!

After dinner, the girls and Logan watched the “Ring” while Tom and I chatted it up about his art and all the great possible projects he has in the works. This boy is going places baby!
I am now maintaining his website at: and may be working on a redesign with him in the future. So I get to geek out for a bit and do what I enjoy: playing with computers. 🙂

Sunday was brunch with the families at The Beach House in Dana Point. Dad and I were disappointed with the food, but the moms liked it and that’s all that really mattered.
After brunch, it was back home for more napping, a little html play, then dinner with Tom, Terri, and Logan at WoodRanch… yummy.
Came home and Jean watched the rest of her “Sex in the City, the First Season” dvd, and I played with more html.

All in all, a fun weekend and a fabulous start to the new week!