New Tattoo update…

I took a few pics of my new ink this evening and thought I’d share, since I did promise some way back in last week’s posting:

The original art work I am basing the spiral on is here:

I cleaned up the image a bit from the true original in Photoshop to what you see above and Wendi worked her wonders on paper once she got the design in her hands to be sure the lines were far enough spaced so as to work well as a tattoo.

And this is as far as I got on Thursday night after 2 hours under the needles. You can see how much black work I have left to get and how close to the ditch of my knee it is (that is the most painful spot on my body thus far):

I’m not exactly looking forward to the next sitting as I know it will be the most painful portions to complete since Wendi was nice enough last time to give me a break and leave the hard core ditch work until I healed up and can power through it.

Another view so you can see the scale in comparison to my other leg:

And don’t worry, I have something planned for below the spiral as well so I can balance out the right with the left. When all is said and done, my right should be just as full as my left is now.

Work has been a bit odd though, since I have never before worn shorts. I am feeling quite self conscious since all my coworkers now see my tattoos on a daily basis as I am wearing shorts every day until it heals up. I’ve gotten one or two compliments, but for the most part I think people look at me a bit differently now. I’ll be happy when I can go back to long pants at my office.

I do seem to be healing up quite well this time around though, which is nice. I should be able to schedule my next sitting soon so I can get my leg completed before Wendi leaves us for Austin, Tx. It is looking like this summer will be quite casual in the office while I heal from my multiple sittings…

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    1. Re: Lovely!

      Well, I “found” it from a friend, who in conjunction with another friend created it for the 3 Drunken Celts canvas wall we use at SCA wars. It represents the 3DC via zoomorphs: the top left is Fergus the Dog, top right is Raz the Boar, and bottom is me the Cat (taken from the cat on my left ankle).

      They whipped this up in 10 minutes one afternoon before silk-screening it onto the yards and yards of canvas we used for walls. I also happen to have it on a T-Shirt as well since while silk-screening they apparently got bored and decided to make a handful of shirts too.

      So you could say that this is a one of a kind custom design made specifically for me and two other friends….

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