My choice is made…..

And now I just need to tell everyone. This is indeed the worst part of it.

Tomorrow I get the offer letter from my previous company and have to tell my current company that I’m leaving.

The tech writing gig at my previous boss’ new company didn’t work out. The requirements and description haven’t been written up yet and they don’t know when the job will be open. Honestly, I’m not going to hold my breath over it either. The mortgage industry is so cyclical and there is a ton of work to do NOW, but who knows what will happen a few months down the line. I’ll have to let her know that I accepted my other boss’ offer instead.

Things also don’t look to be changing any time soon at my present company and I am really getting burnt on talking with users who seem to have the mental capabilities of a 12 year old retarded boy who sniffs glue. No indication has been made that my position will change at all and no progress has been made on getting another body in the office to help myself and my current boss out with the work loads we are both carrying. Which means I am writing less and less, because support is taking more and more of my time.

So I have chosen to return to the company that laid me off two years prior, damn near to the day. The team I will be working with again is seriously the best in the industry. I will again be challenged to increase my technical skills and rise to a higher level of support and service. I will again be working with people who know what a “link” is and can tell the difference between the letter O and the number 0. But best of all, the team is looking forward to bringing me back, and even people in other departments outside support have expressed to my previous boss how much they’d like me to return. Even the global support manager seemed almost aflutter at the indication that I was very close to deciding on returning.

There are a multitude of other reasons as to why I am returning and why I am leaving, but they pale in comparison for my need to be surrounded by a team that will back me up and users who understand what I am saying.

Tomorrow is gonna suck though. But no matter how much I enjoy the people, I do not enjoy the work any more and am not confident in the company’s stability. And I have to do what is best for me and my goals. That, however, won’t make telling my current company any easier.

The other up-side to all of this is that I am setting my last day as November 19th, and my first day back at my previous company as November 29th, which will give me all of the Thanksgiving week off to spend with Jean. And that is something that we haven’t had in… well, ever.

“In other adoption news….”

For those keeping tabs, my birth mother has not yet e-mailed me back, though she has read my last message asking her to e-mail me outside of

I am not making anything of this, as some people simply aren’t good at emailing, and she did wait a full month before replying to my last message. So I am just waiting to see what comes of this. I understandably gave her word a bit of a jostle and I am sure dealing with the emotions is not an easy task. So I guess we’ll just wait and see….

I am, however, still hopeful that she will reply to me and we can openly converse and I can thank her properly.

The rest of this week is busy with work and transitional stuff along with preparing to host Meg and Craig’s wedding reception at our place on Friday night. Lots of work to do still, and the winds haven’t been helping. This week is going to quite busy on all fronts. I just hope work is bearable for the next few days…