Moving time….

Bask in the glow that is the anxiety of last minute issues before the move. It commands you. It is your temporary master.

I will undoubtedly be punished by this cruel master for simply sitting here typing this out. Yes, he is that unforgiving. Every second I spend on something other than paying him full attention, I will be reprimanded for later….

It is so close that I must shut down the computer soon so I may disassemble the desk upon which it resides within a few minutes. The on to deconstruction of the bed and frame. Later, it will be a mad race to take all the small, breakable, and otherwise fragile items I do not wish the movers to even look at, less touch for fear of complete destruction.

My icon for this post is directed squarely at the address which we are leaving behind. By the time we had closed its purchase, we didn’t want it. By the time we moved in, I was ready to sell it. For the next six months, I was ready to give it away. A year and a half after that I had leached it for all it was worth. Both figuratively and literally. Any and all of the bad juju that this place carries is being left behind.

It truly feels like closing a door on a dark and ugly piece of our lives and starting fresh, even though we will only be moving two miles away. This sell has had its small issues, and the buy has had none at all. So much so, that I am still awaiting the other shoe to drop, even though we have closed and recorded and the place is officially ours.

So I raise a toast to new beginnings. To achieving that which I have sought after since leaving home 11 years ago. To finally having a place we are not ashamed of having our friends and family visit. To a smooth transaction. To happiness. To no longer feeling transient in our own home. And most importantly, to the relaxing rumble of our own jacuzzi!

Damn. This has taken more time than I expected…. the master will surely be angry and overly vengeful now.