Lucky me

I get to have a root canal tomorrow. Whoo-effin-hoo.

While it isn’t NECESSARY at this point, the endodontist is recommending it so I don’t run the risk of having to drill through my permanent crown once it is in place in two weeks.

Yup, I get to CHOOSE to cause myself pain to prevent the possibility of pain in the future. Something just doesn’t seem right about that.

On a lighter note, though equally bitchy, jean Colleen and I saw Kingdom of Heaven on Friday night. While Colleen enjoyed it, and Jean enjoyed most of it, I found the movie completely lacking any substantive story line and emotional connection to the characters. The armour and costuming was indeed fabulous, though I felt the movie was a tedious showcase for Hollywood’s attempt at authenticity in those departments. A movie unable to evoke an emotive response from me just isn’t worth my time. Even the battle scenes began to drag on towards the end.

See… THIS is why I don’t go out to the movies. Even the ones I SHOULD be falling over myself to go see don’t interest me. I blame the blockbuster mega-plex industry, since I find that a good number of the independents are actually worth while.

2 thoughts on “Lucky me

  1. Ouch! Hope the dental work isn’t tooo tooo horrible.

    The Chipmunks as in The Chipmunks? The Time Warp as in The Time Warp?

    1. I hope the same πŸ™‚ Really not looking forward to it today. Deathly afraid of needles.

      And Yes. THE Chipmunks (at least it -sounds- like them)…. and yes THE Time Warp. It is a……..musing. πŸ˜‰

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