Life’s little goals….

I’ve never had a list like this before. It is almost surreal to even be writing it out since I have never really thought about those things which I “must do before I die”. But work has been a bit dull and I need some direction now. So the list is written and posted here as a reminder to myself of what I truly want in life and to help me focus and actually achieve these goals.

Some I have already achieved, others not yet. Sooner or later though, I will check them all off the list.

In no REAL order:

1. Graduate with a Bachelor’s in English literature
2. Own my own house
3. live debt free, which is to include no car or home debt.
4. travel Europe
5. live in Ireland for at least 2 months time.
6. Make a living doing something I enjoy rather than just something I am good at.
7. own my own vineyard
8. make music and put out a CD
9. go on tour as part of a band
10. become a published author
11. own my own business
12. build a true wine cellar
13. learn to speak fluent German
14. visit Boston and New Orleans
15. tour the catacombs in Paris and Rome
16. house an art collection of my favourite works.
17. become a published photographer
18. Complete at least 2 more tattoos
19. Drink wine in France, beer in Germany, Scotch in Scotland, and whiskey in Ireland.
20. own multiple real estate properties
21. Drive a Ferrari/Maserati/Lambroghini/Porsche/Hummer/G55 for a week.
22. Live in a completely period Scottish borderland fashion for 2 weeks.
23. Retire early
24. learn to sing
25. Get kick-ass audiophile stereo and speakers
26. Mow my own lawn
27. live comfortably without having to worry about money
28. Enjoy the freedom that my life affords me
29. cut my hair into a mohawk
30. learn to speak fluent Irish Gaelic
31. Live in Europe for at least 1 year’s time
32. Visit the Louvre