Is it Mission? Arts & Crafts? Or just American Eclectic? Who cares! Its comfortable!

Last night, Jean and I decided that if we didn’t order lighting for the living room now, that we’d just be annoyed by not having that room complete after painting and installing the tin ceiling. So we up and ordered 4 sconces to replace the originals currently on the walls.

Since the living room seems to really love the Mission/ Arts & Crafts styling, we opted to continue in the same theme… so we picked up two each of the following:

These will be mounted by the stairs and front entrance:
Meyda Tiffany reproduction of the famous Green Diamond Sconce first designed c1910 during the First American Mission Movement:

And these will flank the fireplace:
Meyda Modern Arts & Crafts Switched Sconce – Pasadena Rose Modern Mission Motif c1919:

Of course all this was brought on by the fact that our tin ceiling panels, cornices, and filler all arrived this week. The main field panels we will be installing after painting the walls look like this:

I think we will be painting it as well to help open up the room (low ceilings in the living room aren’t conducive to darker treatments).

Work will begin tonight or tomorrow, depending on how we feel. In either case, before/after/in-progress pictures will be taken and posted over the next few weeks. The sconces should arrive sometime in the next 2 weeks, just enough time for us to finish painting and get to work on the ceiling installation…

3 thoughts on “Is it Mission? Arts & Crafts? Or just American Eclectic? Who cares! Its comfortable!

    1. LOL well thank you!
      Hopefully it will all work according to our plan! If it does, we may even have a habitable and welcoming living room to invite you into!

  1. The lighting is beautiful. I like the tin ceiling. I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone installing one. There are lots of them, still, in the 1900-era “downtown” (one traffic light)buildings in the town in which I grew up.

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