I was tagged, and thus bullied into doing this…

I’ve been bullied tagged by kdmorin

1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.

1. I have never worked a single day in either a retail or food service job.

2. I spent upwards of $100,000.00 of my parents’ money on my education, and never graduated.

3. Regardless of lacking my Bachelor’s degree in English Creative Writing with an emphasis in Poetry, I still use my college education on a daily basis.

4. I don’t miss working in an office; working from home has been my saving grace. I do not get lonely or otherwise miss human interaction. I actually get more work done now.

5. I despise eating in restaurants alone. When working in an office, I would go get take out, or ask a co-worker to bring something back and eat at my desk to avoid this at all costs.

6. I had a job searching for porn. During the first 3 months of this job, I was also getting paid to drink a 6 pack of beer every week provided to me as part of a consumer research gig. While being the envy of every man I met in that time frame, I quickly realized after the first week that porn and beer both get skunky quickly.

7. The ONLY thing I miss about Southern California is our friends. I don’t even miss my family all that much. Moving away from -everything- we knew and were comfortable with has been an amazing experience which has resulted in zero regrets. I can’t imagine ever wanting to move back to SoCal.

Now that you have my list of seven, I hereby bully and tag siobhan_genie, dkingswood, llmarycatll, vmperella, elmunadi, kij66, and little_poppet into posting their own versions.

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