I so Rock.

So last night I go down to Walmart, yes, the empirical Mouth Of Hell, to look for a cheap-ass MP3-CD player for work. (Now that I am on a 6am -3p shift, I have found it to be un-godly quiet in the mornings.)

As I am looking around at the grim selection of decent systems, I notice an understated and tiny box with two unattached speakers. PERFECT! Just what I was looking for! It has the nice “Executive office” type look which I find pleasing, so as to not stand out like one of Raz’ hammered thumb wounds.

So I check the price.

Interesting. $99.95…. but wait, is that a SALE sticker I see? Why, it IS! Wh00T! Down to $88.95!
It gets better. As I continue to inspect my find, I note the following features:
AM/FM Tuner
Digital Audio out…. EVEN S-Video and Component outs!
So I think to myself, how can this be? This is too good to be true! It is exactly what I have been looking for! At a price which was at least $50 less than what I had intended to pay.

Then I notice… There are no more boxes with this system’s name or model number. UH-OH. NOoooooooo!

So, being the asshole customer I can be at times, I ask. “Excuse me, would you happen to know if you have any more of these systems in stock?”, as I brace for the answer: “Nope, whatever’s on the shelf.”
Ah, I figured. Hmm, maybe I can head down to another Walmart in the are, I think. As quickly as this though races through my hamster/ wheel drive brain, I hear more talking. Its coming from the employee I just accosted. “No more, but I can sell you this display model for %10 off. It still has the warranty, manual, remote, same return policy, everything…”

OH. Hmmm. An intriguing development. So I ask, what I am sure anyone would have in my shoes: “Well, can I have a CD to test it out first?”… Absolutely!

Turns out, I can find nothing wrong with the system AT ALL. And I can send a stereo through its paces. It was almost as if NO ONE before me had done anything other than turn the volume knob.

So I end up walking out of the store with this new system in a department 14 box.

Of course, being the paranoid geek I am, I immediately hit Google this morning to find out as much as I could about this thing. Not sure about you, but I have NEVER heard of Initial Technologies, Inc. I figure I can hedge my bets and at least be -prepared- for the inevitable problems.

What do I come across? Nothing but RAVE reviews. Some of the normal complaints, but more than anything else: everyone who has bought one of these systems simply LOVES them. One of the best reviews (and most entertaining at that) was written by a guy by the moniker Ekobesky. His review is here. As an AudioPhile, his recommendation of this system, -over- a Bose Wavestation none-the-less, as a must have says it all. For the price, you CAN NOT beat it. And honestly, in the 2 hours I was cranking it at work, I’d have to agree. Such a large, full sound shouldn’t come out of something so small, not to mention so in-expensive.

Ok, so I’m done gloating. If you have the extra $95, by all means pick up one of these systems. You won’t be disappointed!