I love corporate america

I was just asked to remove the following printout from my cube wall. Call it only appropriate:

Personally, I find it amusing. Apparently a coworker didn’t. Ah well… it isn’t like the coworker is offended BY me. In fact, they found my other printout quite amusing:

I guess some people just don’t see the world like I do. Apparently the truth hurts more than I thought.

I should also point out that while he found this one offensive, I wasn’t asked to take it down:

4 thoughts on “I love corporate america

    1. Because I openly and brazenly dislike children. I find it amusing to have directions on how to do it correctly aimed specifically at “kids”. Kinda like “yeah, I like babies… they render down nicely and go great with risotto”.

      It has nothing to do with suicide per se, but more to do with darwinistic reduction of the number of kids around me. All in a humourous overtone, of course. (Specially since I do know a few kids and like most of them…)

      As Charlie Brown so eloquently said: “I like mankind, its people I can’t stand.”

  1. Why was the coworker offended? Using Nazi imagery when supposedly out of context (which of course it completely ISN’T) or because this person is an Elephant? Farking ridiculous.

    1. I think he was offended by the suggestion that the good ol US of A is just like the nazis. Apparently he is a closet patriot who thinks the US can do no wrong. Which is exactly why I like that particular image.

      Republican or not, he is at the very least socially conservative. Being a social liberal, I tend to rub him the wrong way quite often. I still don’t think he understands my idea of humour.

      C’est la vie. At least -I- can laugh at most everything around me, unlike my coworker. I really do despise overly sensitive people.

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