I have failed. But I get another chance.

My previous posting about my lack of motivation to write garnered a few truly appreciated replies. Unfortunately, I never sorted through my office to pull out my notebooks, blank or otherwise. Damn, my lack of motivation seems to stem even further into my life than I thought. I will, though. It is just a matter of when.

There IS good news. I think I have found a bit of motivation to jump-start my creativity again. I am a lurking member on a bulletin board devoted entirely to Honda VFR motorcycles of all years (1984 through 2005 and beyond). Today when I logged on to check the new posts, I was delighted to find a new contest and giveaway. The board owner/moderator/all around VFR guru has posted a VFRd Essay contest to give away an Aerostich Roadcrafter riding suit: These are generally considered the best textile riding suit on the market (and often seem like a requirement in order to ride a BMW motorcycle). I have wanted one since I started riding, but at $727.00, the cost is a bit prohibitive to actually get one.

Now I have a reason to write. And while it makes me a bit sad that it has taken a tangible reward to get me motivated, I think the deeper reason is that it has given me something to write ABOUT. The rules include the following lines: “Content must conform to the general VFRD board rules and should be on the general subject of Motorcycling. Fact or Fiction Humor is greatly prized as well as writing style.” In essence, I have been given an assignment with particular guidelines, and a deadline of August 15th.

Perhaps I just needed a bit of direction. Perhaps I needed some sort of potential payoff at the end. Perhaps I wonโ€™t even complete an essay in time for the deadline. Currently, however, I feel more motivated than I have in quite sometime.

Now I just need to figure out exactly what to write about that fits with the very open guidelines of “Motorcycling”.

6 thoughts on “I have failed. But I get another chance.

  1. I have always found it easier to write when I have an assignment of sorts, and not a self-imposed assignment either; that never seems to work for me.

    I hope you’ll post it, ‘cuz I wanna read it!

    1. borka borka borka

      Well, I guess that all depends on whether I even finish and submit it. If I don’t do either, more likely then not it wasn’t ready for public consumption. Otherwise you can bet I’ll post it.

      Just so as I don’t steal all of Maeveenroute’s lj space: everything I said applies to you as well. Actually, it applies to everyone. Strength comes from within as well as from outside sources. There is no one or the other, but rather an odd mix of the two.

      I have found that playing with perception is a theoretical smorgasbord of intellectual fun. It opens a whole new world of possibilities when you realize that personal definitions are much more fluid than you had once thought.

      I am indeed more of a wise-ass than a wise-man. I’m not necessarily correct in my observations, I just call it like I see it, be it right or wrong. For me, it is all a learning process…

      Oh, And don’t mistake verbosity for eloquence.

      1. Re: borka borka borka

        I hope you don’t think I meant you were being a wise-ass to Maeve, ‘cuz that wasn’t how I meant it! I just like to tease you ๐Ÿ™‚

        And I had some college, so I DO know the difference between verbosity & eloquence; I still say you were being eloquent, so take the compliment already! *big grin*

        The fluidity of perception is definately something I’ve had to struggle with this year. And let’s not forget there’s only a 2 letter difference between perception & deception; I struggle with the latter quite a bit too…

        1. Re: borka borka borka

          naw, I know what you meant. And I don’t do well with compliments, but thank you all the same ๐Ÿ™‚

          Perception and deception may be two letters off and sound similar, but the concepts are quite different. So long as you are true to yourself and others, perceptions can change but you will never be in fear of being deceptive. While the two can be intertwined, deception is a much easier foe to battle in yourself, while perception can be much more complex and divisive.

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