Hunter S. Thmopson, Gonzo is thy name…

This is not the entry I had written in my mind, but rather the one that came out when I began typing…

For the past few days I have been trying to understand my feelings about Hunter S. Thompson’s apparent suicide. While I know what my feelings are, I have been unsure as to why I felt this way… Until today, when I stumbled upon a photo that made it all clear to me:

I saw this photo and nearly immediately understood my reactions. I won’t miss Hunter S. Thompson’s writings. I never read any of his works. I won’t miss the author, as I knew nothing of the man himself (other than what Johnny Depp’s movie explained).

I will miss his image; the image of the renegade writer. The loose cannon with a pen that dares to challenge not only the reader’s perspective, but entire consciousness. I will miss the idea that a meager writer by trade can have such a profound effect on an entire profession and how his mere words can cause generations of readers to re-think their own ideas.

I realized that this is the type of writer I –want- to be. But to get there I will need to understand so much more. I will need to shift my perspective and paradigm of thought. I will need to break out of a box which I can not see. I will need to point fire-arms at computers (the modern-day typewriter). But more importantly, I need to understand WHY I need to do any of this at all. Such are the mysteries of life.

Perhaps I should actually read some of Hunter’s words. Or perhaps I should simply try to write some of my own.

2 thoughts on “Hunter S. Thmopson, Gonzo is thy name…

  1. >Perhaps I should actually read some of Hunter’s words. Or perhaps I should simply try to write some of my own.<

    Probably both. I didn’t realize you were a writer (well, beyond LJ). This explains our lack of motivation…writers are notorious for avoiding writing. I wish I were more rooted in the “writers WRITE” school of thought.

    His words were a joy to read, but I will miss the icon more than the words. said that his suicide said more about the state of the world than about the state of his mind, and I agree.

    1. I would not consider myself a writer until such time as I actually was writing more than an LJ entry.

      There was a time, long ago, when I would have considered myself as a bit of a writer. It was a time when motivation was not an issue and it was easy for the words to flow. Of course, it was also when I was reading and writing for class as an English major with an emphasis in creative writing, specializing in poetry.

      It has been a good 9 years since I have written anything that could be construed as creative. Though there was a bit of time when I was writing as a portion of my living. Unfortunately technical writing hasn’t become quite reachable as a full time profession, though I am getting closer.

      More importantly, it is indeed the icon that will be missed, and one which must be replaced. His suicide does say too much about the state of the world and is in the same sentence the reason why we need more personalities like him. Destined for damnation by the social climate, possibly, but necessary none-the-less.

      It is odd how one person, of who I admittedly know -very- little of, has given me so much to contemplate. And by virtue of contemplation, a small sense of motivation to actually -write-. And as strange as it is, it is very similar to the small sense of motivation I have gleaned from your entries (about writing or not).

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