Hot damn was Saturday ever fun!

Hot damn was Saturday ever fun!

After a dull, but busy week, we hosted a dinner party on Saturday night at the request of two new friends: Sarika and Bevan.

But a bit of back-story before I continue on…

Sarika and Bevan are out from New Zealand visiting another friend. This is Bevan’s second time to the states and Sarika’s first. Luckily they were out for 6 weeks this time around which gave us opportunity to meet up with them on a few occasions and help them get the feel for California. (This involved a backyard BBQ, a dinner at Lucille’s BBQ, a trip to the Pleasure Chest in Hollywood, a drive around Hollywood, and of course a good Mexican meal at Agave.)

The more we all got to know the two, the more we have fallen in love with them. Bevan is the epitome of Chivalry, and Sarika is a little pistol (who can eat more than ANYONE I have ever met!). They both have oodles of character and charm and immediately felt like they had been close friends to all of us since the dawn of time.

So enough back story… As a show of appreciation before they left, Sarika decided (with some assistance from Colleen to be sure) that she would fix up a traditional Indian dinner. Originally hailing from India herself, she has the culture, history, and skills to pull this off. We all though this would be a wonderful idea, so Jean and I offered up our house and kitchen to host. We had no idea what we were in for.

All said and done, Sarika cooked for 12 people on Saturday, though the portions would have made you think she was cooking for 60! She started us with fried appetizers and drinks around 4pm, and she just continued bringing food out every 30 minutes to an hour until we finally finished the dessert courses (yes plural) around midnight. Let me tell you, we were other-worldly full by the end of it all! While that sounds like a good thing, it only meant that none of us could eat nearly as much of the food that we had wanted to! To try and explain it all would severely fall short of the true awesomeness that graced our table.

Sarika is a stellar cook and prepared some amazing dishes for us all. Don’t even ask me to tell you what they were; I have no idea. All I know is that each dish was outstanding, and she made enough for a small army. Really, we all did the best we could!

By the end of the night, all twelve of us were nothing more than slugs on chairs and couches. I could barely move, and when I did, it was at a snail’s pace. My gods were we all happy though! As Colleen has said more than once now, I can’t believe how blessed Jean and I are to have such amazing friends that not only make us food like this, but come over and help us eat it too! Truly, there is nothing as enjoyable as a home cooked meal with friends like ours!

Colleen… please pass on, again, our heartfelt thanks for such an amazing day of food (yeah, it was “dinner”, but really that doesn’t even come close to explaining what we had!). We will all be very very sad when they leave to return back to New Zealand. Hopefully we can all stay in relative contact through emails, journals, etc.

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  1. Ant took some pretty funny pics on his phone, one of which is you and Bevan trying to coax Adrian to eat the pickle and nutri (sp?). You are leaning over him and pointing to it LOL. Saturday was definately a great night and I truly adore both Bevan and Sarika!

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