Have you ever had one of those days?

Well, today was one of those. I woke up, showered and dressed knowing full well that today at work was going to be less than stellar. You see, the company is moving the support department to our new space in the center of the building. (Read no more nice window view for me.) This is the nice window and bit of view I have had for the past 9 months:
The move began on Friday at 5pm and was supposed to have been completed on Saturday, since on Sunday the department was all going in to work on our own time to set up our personal workspaces to ensure all of our systems and phones were up and running at 6am Monday morning. That didn’t quite happen. In fact, when I arrived on Sunday at 1pm, the movers hadn’t even moved our boxes into our cubes, since the cubes weren’t exactly completely built and wired for power/data yet. This is where I will be sitting now:


So I left, went home, watched some movies, and then returned after dinner to hopefully set up my machines. The good news was that the mover had JUST finished when I had returned. That meant I was actually able to get my systems up and running within an hour with the knowledge that when I returned Monday morning I would be able to do my work.

Once I had donned my ride gear this morning, I made my way out to the garage to start the bike and ride into work. I pulled out of my driveway and rode down the street feeling a bit “off”. I turned onto Santa Margarita Parkway, and my rear wheel got as squirly as I have ever felt it. I thought that a bit odd as I –never- lose THAT much traction. I continued on down toward Plano Trabuco still feeling not quite right. Made the left and felt that squirliness once again. I immediately pulled to the side of the rode to see what was going on. Luckily it was easy to see. When the bike is sitting under its own weight, the rear looked fine. Under the added weight of the rider (read Fatman O’Donnell) the rear was OBVIOUSLY flat. Nail in the tire. Great. You can see the very small bit of nail/tack in the portion circled:

So I return home, remove all the gear, and get the keys to the Grand Cherokee.

I get outside, get in the Jeep, and turn the ignition. Starts right up, which is cool, cause it rarely is driven anymore. The I hear a bell. Damn. Outta gas. Okay, I have time, I’ll go fill up. So I head out to the nearest gas station. Pull in, swipe my card, and I hear a beep. Declined. WHAT!?!??!? Swipe a credit card, which asks me for a pin. I don’t have one, so I leave for another station. This has happened before at this station and the card worked fine at another. I get to the second station and the pump says: Pay Inside. Damn. Ok fine… I go in, wait in line, and hand the attendant my card. I go back to the pump and begin adding gas to the Jeep. I had already decided to only put $20 in since I don’t drive it that often, when it dawns on me that my card MAY have an issue here too, so I stop it at $20.01 since I only had a $20 on me. Sometimes I’m actually smart, because the card was declined again. So I pay in cash and go on my way. I’m a bit stressed though since I am running later than normal, and my bike has a flat (which just generally makes me unhappy).

I get to work in spite of people driving consistently UNDER the speed limit by 10mph. Working my way towards my new cubicle I hear everyone messing around with their cables and wires and what not. Oh, didn’t I tell you? I was the only one to come back on Sunday evening and get my system set up. So everyone else is just doing it now, when we are supposed to be on the phones and working issues. No biggie though, I slide in to my cube and log in. Damn, 3 emails and a phone call from one of my customers, he must be anxious! So I copy it all to the case log and begin working the issue. Got all my systems set up and 5 files open for comparison/review and then…. BZZZZzzzzZZZZZZTTTTT FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
And nothing. Everything is dead. Then comes the smell.

One of my coworkers had plugged in a monitor to his power strip which somehow (albeit impossible due to separate circuits) ended up frying my power strip and the power strip of my coworker on the other side of the cubes. In fact his actually flamed out and released the mysterious blue smoke that only electronics seem to possess. I have yet to get that smell out of my nose.

So now, I can’t work, I can’t play. I can’t do anything even though I had come in yesterday to make sure everything was running and working for today. I needed coffee. But even that wasn’t to be. I get to the break room and find that no coffee had been made at all. Which is VERY odd since it was about 8.45am at this point and I am usually on my 3rd cup by then. Damn I wanted to scream.

The rest of the day wore on in the same manner. Upon my arrival home, I was able to get to work and plug my flat motorcycle tire with a neato new kit I got. Hopefully this will hold. Obviously I still need to cut it down, but you get the idea. And really, it isn’t dog poo, I swear.

And here is the damn small little culprit that caused me so much grief:

Now I just need to start looking for the best deal on rear motorcycle tires so I can replace this plugged one. Mind you, thus far, the best I have found is about $115 for the rear… the replacement for the one on there now is around $175. The good news is that Mission MotorSports is having a grand opening next saturday and will hopefully have some sweet deals on tires.

I’m feeling better now though. Not nearly as close to a complete breakdown as I was this morning. But I’ll tell ya, between 7am and Noon, I was NOT doing well. Even my boss asked if I was doing ok or needed to go home. And that makes me feel kinda lame. On the other hand, I was able to bring myself out of the funk and actually get some work done. Feeling productive was all I really needed today.

4 thoughts on “Have you ever had one of those days?

  1. My word!

    That certainly WAS a day! And I had no idea motorcycle tires were so expensive; that really sucks 🙁

    Hopefully tomorrow will be better…

    (toddling off to continue making ridiculously massive playlists)

    1. Re: My word!

      Not only are the tires expensive, but they only last for about 5-7K miles, sometimes more sometimes less.

      I hope today is better too. so far it is too early to tell though. Now go make more playlists! 😉

  2. I hate days like that. Someone always ends up getting STABBED!

    It’s good though that you ended up being productive in the latter part of the day. It’s such a great way to turn around a shitty day. In the past when I’ve had underlings and I see them having a horrible day, I give them one or two smaller tasks that need to be done and that I know they can finish before the end of the day. Seems to do wonders at getting them motivated again.

    1. In my earlier years I think I would have snapped yesterday and screamed or stabbed someone. Luckily I have attained enough self awareness to control myself.

      And yes, they key to happy underlings (at least inmy case) is to let them feel productive. Can’t say it does much for my motivation, but I am able to leave the office feeling better, and feeling useful.

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