Gratutious vanity entry

This is me in my new UK (UtiliKilt):

And of course, from the back:

Oh yeah… you want me 😉

13 thoughts on “Gratutious vanity entry

    1. THANKS! I am soooo in love with the UK. VERY comfortable 🙂

      If you like the boots… well that’s only half of them. Literally. They actually have another 2 portions that zip to the shank to make them even taller! I love them! So versatile.

        1. just judging from the looks I got today…. it will stay fringe. For some reason people still see it as a skirt on a guy and that makes them feel weird.

          Oh well… I’ll do my part to open some minds, but I doubt it will ever be more that a “statement” garment. Though apparently UKs are big hits in the gay population. Who knew.

    1. who the hell is Billy?

      And if you are gonna make fun of me, at least get it right… if anything it is a skirt not a dress 😛

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