W00T. My Utilikilt arrived yesterday! An impressive feat as they are typically on a 6-8 week delivery time frame. So I am unbelievably happy that I was able to get mine in only 4 days! Ordered on Monday, here on Thursday… now THAT is service! (actually, it was just luck that they happened to have ONE in my size in stock.)

So, of course I tried it on last night and found that I had gotten lucky a second time. It is a -perfect- fit! I am always a bit leary of ordering clothing off of the internet or via phone/mail order since you can’t try it on before you buy it… but in the past few instances I have been able to get clothing that is a perfect fit! Either I know how clothing fits my body type and can adjust sizing to accommodate that, or I am just getting tres lucky with my orders…

Depending on how this weekend goes I may even have some preliminary pictures to post for those of you who care to see what my Utilikilt looks like on me.

And on a more subdued note, I was able to finish off and e-file our taxes last night. On top of just feeling productive because of it, I was also rewarded with a bit of a a refund from both feds and state. Good times….

I have also decided that I want a design from the Lindisfarne Gospel on my left calf as my next tattoo. So many ideas, so little skin and money…

7 thoughts on “Goodies…

  1. Some guy in the elevator at my work building completely randomly started talking to me about Utilikilts and how he wanted one. (He also mentioned that “green jackets with glitter on the shoulders” were the new rage for me; apparently some guy in the lobby was wearing such a getup. We’re in the same building as fucking “Vogue,” so I wouldn’t doubt it.)

    Anyway, I thought of you, and then voila! I come in and see that you have one.

    1. ‘Tis a small world… though don’t let the freaks reflect negatively on UKs….. they are WAY cool. Every man should have one.

  2. UK’s rock!

    Now… which Lindisfarne design? I have done so many embroidery pieces from it, I practically know it by heart at this point.

        1. haven’t decided on that…. though I am leaning towards using the same colouring, even though I typically prefer black and white.

          We’ll see 🙂

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