Getting closer

Okay, the roofing contractor has just left. He replaced one tile which had slipped and left the tar paper exposed in the immediate are of the single leak detected. We believe this should resolve the issue of the leak completely.

If it does not satisfy the buyer, then we are out $500 for full caulking and tile repairs as estimated by the contractor. So here’s hoping.

Tomorrow the plumber is coming by to resolve the final issues with the main water shutoff, water regulator, and spigot leaks. Because of our wonderful home warranty, all this will run us a total of $45. Not too shabby.

Everything else is set to close next week on the 26th. Crossing my fingers and hoping no other surprises surface. If it is one thing I hate its surprises. And snakes, but that story is for a different time.

As it stands right now, all we really have left to do is finish packing, sign all the paper work, and actually move. So close, but we don’t have the keys yet…