Geek Post, beware…

I finally did it. After a few years of using my old Nokia cell phone, I went into Cingular yesterday and upgraded to a bit of technology I don’t need, but sorely wanted. I got myself the new Cingular 8125 Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA Phone.

So now I get to spend my day(s) figuring out wi-fi, Bluetooth, and all of the new fun features I have with this total geek toy!

The biggest benefit though; mobile email with a qwerty keyboard. No more pressing numbers 1-5 times to try and spell out words! Now, my “k1l3r m4d l337 sk1lz” will finally be “Killer, Mad, Elite, Skills”! And people, THAT makes me happy.

13 thoughts on “Geek Post, beware…

      1. Gee… you could have been sitting around at Baron’s Feast and not been bored, AND been stuffed full of great food to boot.

        Just sayin’…

        1. totally forgot. brain not working. my bad 🙁
          besides, I was bored not DOING anything… so I got up and did something 😉

  1. Ha!

    Congrats on the geek blast. My new corporate blackberry pales in comparison to that serious piece of business. Plus, my new corporate blackberry does not work because whoever provisioned it must have been stoned. But not to worry, even when it works I’ll probably not understand how to use it. I’m not sure why I must have a new corporate blackberry (apparently because I will travel regularly, who knew?), but certainly we’ll have to send inane notes to each other to justify the cost.


    1. Re: Ha!

      ew. i hate my corporate blackberry. i hide it in my desk and never use it. it is so counter-intuitive and has the added bonus of feeling like you are holding a calculator to your head.

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