Finally! The Weekend….

So I JUST finished off my contract project for my previous employer. As is typical with them, I was given only two weeks to complete the job and ended up adding an additional and substantial piece last night. Granted I quoted them only 2 hours additional work (and I was dead on with that one), but when they want to go live TONIGHT with the updates, that didn’t really give me much time; especially knowing I work a full time job elsewhere and that this is merely side business. But I came through for them and got everything updated an out the door by 9pm, the exact time I had told them I would have it done. And that makes me feel good. Better yet, I get to bill them for 21.5 hours of my time, which should be a fairly substantial check coming my way soon too.

Sometimes, I feel far superior and like I can accomplish anything. Mind you I KNOW that I’m not and I can’t, but damn it makes me feel good just for a bit.

The project really wasn’t difficult for me, just time consuming really. I had to update some help files, the user manual, knowledge base articles, and a “coach” type tutorial piece based in HTML and dynamically served via an ASP based server to the service level users. It sounds like a bit, but it really didn’t involve a -whole- lot of writing. maybe only 10 pages in total. Most of the time was spent creating new buttons and formatting everything properly.

This last little note is for friarpuck: The update I spoke of ain’t gonna happen tonight. I need to eat dinner, relax, and then go to bed. But you gave me something to think about and I do plan on dissecting it soon…

6 thoughts on “Finally! The Weekend….

  1. *sigh* I wish I understood anything at all about how computers work. I know I took a basics class in college, but right about now, I’m feeling like, “yeah, ok, what he said.” Still, it’s always interesting to look into what other people do for a living…

    1. Don’t feel too bad. I barely understand myself. Tech Support is my primary job, Tech writing is just a contractual lark at this point. Besides, tech support is 80% bullshit and 20% actual knowledge. Guess wich part I excel at 🙂

      1. Somtimes I feel like teaching environmental education is about the same ratio. It’s more about getting kids interested in the outdoors than it is being able to identify every tree that crosses your path.

    1. Sorry dude… just saw this note. We’re doing dinner with Colleen tonight. You’re welcome to join us if you wish. Sounds like it will be around 6.30pm at Agave next to Opah in the Kohl’s/WoodRanch BBQ center.

      1. Nah, thats cool. I’m making dinner tonight and Ant and Lisa will be swinging over. No biggie… we should do something next weekend though since the following week, we’ll be in Indy.

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