Envy Me. NOW. Especially you Alric!

My wife loves me dearly, this I know, for my new bike tells me so.
Yup, that’s right kiddies, take a gander at what I am riding as of last night at 7.30pm:

Yummy. It is actually a deeper red than the picture would have you believe.

This is essentially the grand-daughter to my gone, but not forgotten, 1984 Honda VF750F Interceptor that I traded in last night.

The basic stats are as follows:
1998 Honda VFR 800fi Interceptor
10800 miles
Immaculate body, very well maintained. Looks like it rolled off the showroom floor a few months ago. And she rides just as beautifully. As one rider put it, this bike is confidence inspiring. And he was completely correct.

The Interceptor was awarded ‘best all-round motorcycle’ by several magazines in 1998 and 1999. If you really want to geek out on the details: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~john/vfr/vfr800/

Wow… I think I’m coming down with a cold… PCH seems to be calling my name for a nice looooong ride! Merry Christmas to me.

Thank you Jean!

6 thoughts on “Envy Me. NOW. Especially you Alric!

    1. Well, it ain’t quite a BMW (yet), but it IS exactly what I need and wanted. 🙂 And she’s ever prettier in person. You should see how shiny it is in the sun right now!

  1. Ohhhhhhhhh nice one Bro…

    This is Gregorio…..Nice bike Jason, remember now, the “posted speed limit” (cops ALWAYS reference that term) is only the beginning. A reference point if you will. It’s just another little something the “Man” created to keep the less inclined in their place. Certainly not for those of us who choose freedom, and the wind.
    ROCK ON…don’t forget your mittens!

    1. Re: Ohhhhhhhhh nice one Bro…

      oddly enough.. I am slower and safer on my bike than I am in my car! For all intents and purposes, this bike is now my daily driver. Damn the man!

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