So…. at Corey&Bethany’s over the weekend, hanging with their friends, I got to talking with three guys, two of which are bicyclists. They were trying to think of a particular bicycling movie, when I tried to help by saying, “You mean RAD!?”. Sadly, they didn’t get the joke, but it all worked out in the end as one other joined in and asked “Are you talking about RAD!?”.

Really, it went downhill from there, including logging onto IMBD and Amazon on my phone to see if we could buy it.

Well, guess what… you don’t need to buy it, it is right here on GoogleVideo! The quality is about what I remember, and the acting is horrendously worse than I remember. But really, what more could you ask for than being able to watch THE movie about bmx racing
with some “killer” free-style worked in, during work no less?

This movie single handedly lead to huge sales in Mongoose and Diamondbacks, including one for myself… damn I was cool.

So check it out. If you never saw it, you’ll hate it… if you DID see it back in the mid-late ’80s, you’ll LOVE me for pointing you to it. You’re welcome.

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RAD!” on Google Video