Cape Fear

Email is down. No one is calling in. There is no work for me to do.

I have been to the end of the internet and back. No one to chat with, who don’t have better things to be doing with their own time (like actual work).

Read through so many LJ Latest Posts that I now have a re-discovered, utterly complete, and unrelenting distaste for the phrases:
“Long time no Post”
“Comment Damnit”
“What would you like to do with me”
and every single general complaint about friends, school, or parents.
Not to mention the absolutely horrid and rampant misspellings and piss-poor grammar.

So here I sit, waiting in fear for the monet in time when the email issue is resolved and my support box is suddenly flooded with more work than I could ever reasonably handle and still keep my personal service levels to where I believe they should be. I HATE providing inferior service and only moreso when due to events outside of my control. Users just do not understand.

So I am preparing to back-peddle, kiss huge amounts of ass, and work my own off in order to get out at a semi decent hour and with my fragile brain still in tact. This is, of course, assuming the issue is even resolved today.

Thank GODS we will be wine tasting on Sunday and that I took Monday off. I’m gonna need the day to just relax and maybe even get some lingering housework done at a leisurely pace.

If I was smart, I’d be using the down time to do something constructive. Unfortunately, I am afraid to commit to anything for fear of being swamped with work and having to drop whatever it was that I was working on. I hate nothing more than being interrupted when deep in a project. I need time to devote to projects and not be interrupted. Otherwise I end up wasting 50% more time for needing to review or re-read items to get back to where I was prior to an interruption.

So, alas. I sit and wait. In fear of the work to come. Of which I would prefer to be dealing with now, rather than later.

Such a wasted day. I will have to do something when I get home just to feel semi productive. Or maybe I’ll just fall asleep on the couch. We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Cape Fear

    1. I’d like to, but my desk at work isn’t the most private of cubes…. Maybe tomorrow when I get in early and no one is around.

      Make em REALLY wonder when they read through my server logs….

  1. First off, I like the Johnny icon.

    Second of all, I’m having the same sort of day, except I have no one to blame but myself. These days come and go in a wave of blind websurfing that leaves the nerves jagged and the soul somewhat sucked. Being at work doesn’t help at all. It’s a damn shame one can’t get snow days at work in the same way we did as kids back east. Sorry, too much junk blown in from the north, everyone go home. It’d make my day. Sorry, too much bullshit and worthless planning and stupid managers and a general lack of forthought, everyone go home.

    But then again, we’d never get a day of work in would we?

    1. As it turns out, I worked for a TOTAL of 1 hour today, maybe. Honestly, that may be too generous of an amount thinking back on it.

      I should have left, but alas I am the SOLE support person for the company (yeah, we ARE that small. No Beyonce concerts for us 🙂 ) As such, I can’t really leave the office just because it slows down. Not to mention my manager is out today, so it was doubly impossible for me to leave early. GAH

      Even as small as we are, we would still get nothing done under your snow day rules either.

      And thanks for the compliment on the icon. With only three allowed for the free accounts here, I figured I needed ONE that encompassed the true feelings I harbour for a number of topics I continually feel the need to rant about. Which actually brings me to a question I have had: What IS your icon of and why have you chosen it as your own? Enquiring minds, and all that…

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