Buff Coat Construction process

This post is for joeguppy to be critical about… at my request. Anyone else may also feel free to contribute to the critiquing of my buff coat construction.

Pictures of the process can be found here:

The coat is made of buffed nubuck leather in a tan colour spectrum. Hand sewn in a standing seem, with the pattern based off of various bits of period documentation (most of which are not currently at hand) including the coat displayed at Leed’s which Raz had the opportunity to inspect when he was in England.

There ya go. I will be happy to answer any further questions and comments regarding this latest project.

To answer two questions from an email I had received:
-I did not see whether or not he lined his.

My bad. I didn’t take any pics of the lining. It is indeed lined with (machine stitched) white linen which was then whip-stiched in place by hand. I added one, non-period, element to the lining in that it has an inside pocket for a fighter car or flask 🙂

-I also couldn’t get a good look as to how he closed it in the front.

Again I was remiss in not photographing the closures. I’ll add pics of it later tonight. The closure is a faux lacing hook and eye. While I used non-period hooks for this, the style of closure is indeed valid as a period method. Neither Raz nor I can find someone who sells or can make the appropriate hook closures necessary.

I will be adding updated pictures of the above missed items later tonight. Mea Culpa 🙂

7 thoughts on “Buff Coat Construction process

  1. Very cool! I will say I’m quite impressd about hand-sewing leather. I won’t hand-sew linen, except for finish work.

    You and Raz looked quite imposing while standing guard for Chris. Very effective!

        1. At present our plans hadn’t included attending Coronation (and yes I do know what is happening there 😛 ) due to the fact that it is in Lancaster. I will, however chat with Siobhan and see if we can indeed swing it.

          We WILL be at Harvest though. So at the least you can see it then 🙂

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