Since there is another storm predicted to blow in tonight and hang out with us until sometime around Tuesday, I decided that this morning was a good time to ride my bike into work. It will be my last chance to get any riding in for a bit and it needed to be ridden as it has been sitting in my garage for coming on 3 weeks now.

Two nights ago I got my new battery and installed it into the bike. It fired right up. Thank gods. I was worried there may be a more sinister issue at play. Fired right up this morning too. And that made me happy.

The ride in was chilly. As I don’t have any true cold weather gear, other than a pair of gloves I -just- bought, the 40 degree temp outside was almost too cold to ride. Luckily, my new gloves did their job and kept my hands from freezing so I could clutch and brake without fear of cracking a finger off.

I really can’t wait for good riding weather to get here. As much as I love the rain, I just want to start riding some decent distances now that I have a bike which I don’t have to worry about. The ride I am really wanting to do is to take a jaunt up to Santa Maria and ride some of the back-roads around the vineyards. Gorgeous land out there and some great twisties to keep things interesting. Not to mention the drive up on PCH is always pretty. Unfortunately, I doubt I will be riding up that way until I can find a partner to go along with me. Not too sure a solo trip like that is the smartest thing to do.

In the meantime, I will have to satisfy myself with riding Santiago Canyon and Ortega Highway for my weekend fun rides, as well as to work and back to build my time on the bike and become more experienced and comfortable with all types of riding conditions.

Hopefully soon I will be able to get the ride pants and boots I have been looking at. My denim and shoes just haven’t been cutting it (protection wise) for me for a while now. I need to upgrade into some armoured apparel beyond just my jacket. While I may have a death wish just by virtue of owning a motorcycle, I don’t think I want it to come true quite yet. And armoured apparel will give me that extra little bit of insurance against dying.

So there it is. Now if only I could find someone to ride with, I’d be set.
::: cough cough, hint hint :::
After all, there is still a 1998 VFR on Spectrum’s lot just waiting for the right rider.

2 thoughts on “Brrrrrrr

    1. Not so sure about the looking cool… but I AM sure about the extra little insurance and the cool part of airflow through textile rather than leathers.

      In SoCal, it is more important to have gear that breaths and allows air flow than to actually keep you warm. We have more hot days than not, so FEELING cool is much better than looking cool. 🙂

      Besides, I don’t think a 5’9″ 255 lbs. 30 year old can ever truly look “cool”. The only thing I’m missing is male pattern baldness, otherwise I’d be in a mid-life crisis by all other accounts.

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