Been busy.

Packing is never as much fun as it sounds. And it doesn’t sound that fun in the first place. We took a break from packing last night, as we are just exhausted from constantly doing -something- in preparation for the move on Saturday.

We are also eagerly awaiting the call today to come in and sign all the docs for the purchase of our new place. Our sale should be closing today/tomorrow, so hopefully we will be seeing a nice fat escrow check right quickly so we can fund the purchase.

It really amazes me how concurrent escrows work. Dealing with the large sums of money that we are, it is a bit nerve-racking to know that your move, which is dependent on your purchase, is also dependent on your sale which the buyer is dependent on for her move, and it all must come together at just the right timing, so the sale will close so I have the money for the buy which needs to close the same day so I can move in this weekend.

My head is still spinning from that. I have truly gone in to a reactionary state. I can’t seem to be pro-active about anything recently. I’m just rolling with the punches and reacting to everything thrown my way.

To top it off, we have been living (if you can call it that) amongst boxes for the past month. That is no fun at all. Everything is packed up, so we only have cable TV and the internet for entertainment. How truly sad is that?

Things wouldn’t be so annoying if I could at least shop for and buy the new furniture we will need. Unfortunately, we can’t do that until we have the escrow check in hand. Otherwise we would already have the refrigerator and new sofa ordered and read for delivery. But such is not the case. Gotta save the pennies for the movers just to be sure we have enough cash for that as well as “operating” expenses for the first week, since I know there will be things we MUST have during that time which will require countless trips to Lowe’s and other various and sundry stores.

Concentrating on work today, and for the rest of the week is going to be next to impossible. Thank gods its not Monday, and thank gods I took next Monday and Tuesday off!

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  1. This concerns me…
    I took the quiz and got God as well.

    HHHmmm…but which one of us is the real God?!?!

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