As Promised…. pictures!

Ok. First off, I need to note and explain that we did indeed get Lenore painted at an Earl Scheib paint and body shop. Because of some of Lenore’s outstanding issues, we decided to go cheap and not put a multi-thousand dollar paint job on her. While Earl Scheib is akin to One Day Paint and Body, they did a good job for the cost. We got exactly what I expected out of them: a decent paint job at a bargain basement price (as far as car painting goes at least).

As always you can click the pictures for the full sized images….



More pics are at the end of the Hearse Album in our Gallery on

I still need to put the side lamps back on, which will happen once I have gone to PepBoys and bought another two fuse-style bulbs tomorrow. At that point, we’ll be pretty much done with the exterior, and can move on to the interior and do some fun re-upholstering.

We should be able to do the casket compartment ourselves, while we will have to farm out the front bench seat and possibly the door panels to a professional auto upholstery shop. Of course, before we can do any of that, we need to make a quick trip to the L.A. Fabric District to grab about 50 yards of a nice upholstery fabric. I’m thinking a deep rich red for the interior… the grey currently inside is a VERY faded blue, which is just too light for my tastes.

Either way, progress is being made. Slowly but surely…

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