As promised….

As I promised earlier, I have provided a rare in-sight into my daily work life. Specifically: My Cube.

Click the picture below for a larger idea of my office setup. You’ll quickly understand the redundancy which has us all shaking our heads:

To give you a little perspective, the cube is 10’x10′

From left to right you will see the following:
1. Office Zen garden set up complete with sand, rocks, and rakes. Ohhhmmmmm
2. Small stereo with iPod connected. Must… have…. music….
3. Fan. I’m fat. I get hot. Shut up.
4. Linux box running Redhat 8.0
5. Sun box running Solaris 9
6. Continuus Software sign. Those were the days… 🙂
7. Iron Maiden “Eddie” bobble-head. \m/
8. (looking up for a moment) Various tech books, business cards, bottle of Heffeweizen, rubber duckie, and a bag of del taco hot sauce for the random emergency.
9. Spam magnet
10. Back down again… WinXP machine running dual monitors, with a Palm handheld acting as a desk-clock
11. Rear-view mirror. EVERY computer-worker needs one. Period.
12. Continuus coffee mug… those really were the days…
13. Avaya IP phone, sitting next to my Siemens ACD phone, sitting next to my new Plantronics CS-50 wireless headset.
14. White-board. Again, EVERY computer working geek needs one of these. I only wish I had an IdeaShare Digital Whiteboard to capture the stuff I write down to my pc.
15. Random dry-erase markers and eraser.
16. Work softcase which allows me to carry all my highly sensitive documents and information with me wherever I may go. OK ok… it just keeps my iPod and online store receipts dry. 😛

So there ya go. My work-space. Ain’t it something.

6 thoughts on “As promised….

  1. Awww! I’m jealous, it looks so nice. Mind you, it would be a pit after a couple of days in my hands. Plus I can’t do anything useful in youe line of work. Hehe.

    1. well, keep in mind I have only been back for just over a month with no real work to do during the Holidays. I am sure the clutter will start appearing right quick now that things are becoming busier.

      as far as useful…. well, the technical side is really only 25% of my job. Mostly what I do involves research, problem solving, and a good 75% people skills (of which I KNOW you have).

    1. Rear-views are a necessity. No one will ever sneak up on you again! And that is quite worth the $1.25 you’ll spend on a mirror at the local drug or grocery store.

      I actually have two. One big one on top of my second monitor, and one small one which sits on my keyboard and leans on the right side monitor. It allows me to see people who think I haven’t seen them yet because I’m not looking in my mirror. Paranoid? naw, not ME! 🙂

  2. Cube-a-riffic

    As I read through your list of cube notables, I read through it casually and playfully until I came to the fated item:

    7. Iron Maiden “Eddie” bobble-head. \m/

    Though I haven’t listened to any of their albums in years, I was struck with jealousy and thrill to know that such a thing exists. (of course it exists…) I couldn’t tell what era he is, Crazy Haired Ozzy-style Number of the Beast? Baldy Piece of Mind? Seven-of-nine style futurist with eye scope Somewhere in Time? Mummified Powerslave? Do tell…

    And I will be keeping my eye out for one of my own, you betcha.

    1. Re: Cube-a-riffic

      Wow.. glad I can add a thrill to your day!

      A quick google search will give you the desired results:

      Mine is the “Live After Death” bobble-head, purchased from the “Electric Chair ” in Costa Mesa… I think you can get them at Spencers and other notable novelty gift shops, though I’d just buy it off the net. There are some really cool ones out there too. And yes, there IS a Somewhere in Time one:

      Thanks to my iPod, I actually hear some good old school Maiden tunes every few days. 🙂

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