Another update…

Jean had her gall bladder removed today. She got out of post-op/ recovery around 9pm and was doing wonderfully better than yesterday evening.

The anesthesiologist didn’t give her gas this time and played some with the IV drugs she was given to put her under which seems to have worked. When Jean came back to her room she was not nauseous at all and able to converse easily. She even made a few bad jokes herself. Lord knows she is doing better!

Depending on lab tests tomorrow morning, she may or may not be released tomorrow. Here’s to hoping she can come home soon. I’m just relieved she came out of the anesthesia okay. And I know she is too.

I know the updates are kind of minimal and disjointed, but I should be able to make a full recap of this past week soon, which will hopefully explain some of the holes in my recent entries.

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