Another day, nothing has changed…

Today my only saving grace was that I was in training for the majority of the work time. Tomorrow and Friday are looking to be more of the same. Had I not been in training, I still wouldn’t have been able to get any work done since the same electrical issues were still going on through 3pm today.

Supposedly, my line of cubes has been completely rewired with new harnesses and aren’t showing any faults, but we’ll see. Just to show you how UNCONVINCED I am, I have three pictures to show you.

The first is of the least damaged surge protector.
The second is of the most damaged surge protector.
The last is the inside of the most damaged one.

All in all, these cubes have eaten 15 surge protectors. There is even a shadow smoked into the carpet in my neighbor’s cube. Seems they think one of the main lines into the cubes was arcing inside the main network run (don’t ask me WHY they wired electricity through the conduit for the cat5 cabling, makes no sense to anyone). This seems to have caused the majority of the damage.

Honestly, I just want to be able to hook up my systems, finish organizing and moving into my cube, and get to work. Nothing I hate more than being at work and not being able to work.

6 thoughts on “Another day, nothing has changed…

  1. And yet… at the same time…

    I can’t help but think…

    Wow, that’s kind of cool.

    Not that I’m into fire-damage or risk to human lives or that sort of thing, but that much juice getting loose is just…neat.

    Hope the stink is gone, and I hope you’re all back to normal.

    And hello.

    1. Re: And yet… at the same time…

      Oh, I agree… totally cool! Otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered blogging it with pics. And I think the risk just added to the fun (I don’t think any of us were TRULY in danger, but the potential was there).

      And yes, the smell is gone now. Life is back to as normal as it can be around here.

      Glad to hear your trip was a success! And glad to know you made it back to the Bay all safe and sound like. It’s been quiet without your random musings to keep me entertained πŸ˜‰

      1. Re: And yet… at the same time…

        Yep, the trip was great, but of course I’m back and the place of employment is utter chaos. I need out, poet! Out!

        Chaos isn’t even the word. More like downright malevolent. As in upper management. As in people who want my group of people out for dubious reasons that have more to do with ego than anything. A new chapter at The G, I’m afraid, and it involves me sending resumes out in an attempt at escape. Ho-boy.

        Okay then, back to it. Good to hear from you as well. Hope all’s well in the OC.

        1. Re: And yet… at the same time…

          Well, you aren’t alone. My employer is “shifting” things enough to make a paranoid guy like me nervous. Not quite malevolent, but more passive politicing…. Luckily my department is fairly autonomous and tight, so alot of the politicing doesn’t effect us directly.

          The OC is the same. Never really changes… but all is well none-the-less πŸ˜‰

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