And this was just between 6:30pm and 10pm… Imagine what I could do with an entire DAY!

Well apparently the seller of the hearse we are buying has removed the vehicle form his website, so the pictures are no longer working. Have no fear, I grabbed them off the site yesterday and will upload them to my own site tonight so you may al revel in the dirt/damaged/beautiful glory that is our new hearse.

Last night was an oddly productive night for me. I am hoping I can keep up this pace for the rest of the week so I will be ready for Estrella and have some other projects completed by then as well.

First off, I finished up our taxes and e-filed them last night thanks to our mortgage lender FINALLY getting us the required paperwork. Doing taxes was a pleasant little surprise this year, in that our return was exceptionally high from our previous years where we either owed a couple grand, or only got back one grand if we didn’t break even. Suffice to say, this years return will pay off all our credit cards, the personal loan for the new hearse, AND we will have a substantial amount of money left over to put into proper restorations including paint and body work as well as mechanical fixes and upgraded audio systems. Good times.

After taxes, I was able to work a little more on the website I am designing for my tattoo artist. Little by little it is coming together. I figure I should have something that I am proud of and eager to show off by February 10th… if not totally complete by then.

This website has been particularly tough for me since I am teaching myself how to code in Macromedia’s FLASH application. It allows me to do some really cool things with the site, but it is nothing like the html I am used to, so debugging and simply figuring out how to accomplish a particular task has been taking much more time than I am normally used to. Luckily Wendi, my artist, fell in love with the rough mock up I presented her with. That was a sigh of relief since I don’t know what I would have done had she not liked where I was taking it. 🙂 I would have figured something out of course, but it definitely made my life easier to continue on the same path I started down.

Once I had done some design work, I then headed down stairs and cut out the wool for the grey tunic I am making for Estrella. On Thursday night at Estrella (located in GoodYear, Arizona for those not in the know) the 3 Drunken Celts will be throwing the first annual East Coast tasting, as hosted by our good friends, Keg’s End. It was determined early on, since we had “killed” ourselves off to do a Rum tasting (which was a glorious if not ill fated concept) that we would be resurrecting ourselves for this tasting, since Whiskey is really where it is at anyways. As such, we decided that Raz, Fergus, and I would create garb in only grey tones so we may allude to the ghosts of the past as we are resurrected. Which means I need to get sewing! Well, I got most of the tunic done last night, leaving only the trim around the neck and hemming to complete tonight.

If I get enough of it done, along with some wool pants tonight, I want to begin working on a Houpeland as well, since I know Estrella nights can be quite frigid. And lucky enough for me, I just happen to have some GREAT upholstery fabric from our recent trip to the LA fabric district to use. I just need to find the time and motivation (in that order) to actually do it.

Yes, my Monday night was incredibly productive and busy. I am truly hoping I can keep the pace up and get all the sewing I want to do, done, as well as finding time to work on the hearse after we pick it up this coming weekend. We’d love to drive it out to Estrella, but that won’t be happening unless it gets a clean bill of health from my mechanic and is determined to be in good enough shape for an 800 mile round trip. Not to mention getting title, registration, etc all taken care of…

Man it is going to be a busy 2 weeks ahead of me!