And now for something completely different:

I guess I can reveal the Big Newstm which I had alluded to a few posts back. I had wanted to keep it a surprise for those who I see on a regular basis, and not spoil it by posting here.

I cut my hair on Tuesday the 13th. It is no more. Fourteen plus inches were chopped off (along with a few years, or so I am told).

Everyone, without fail, has asked me why. Simply said: I was in need of a change. To that end, however, I would not have cut my hair just for the sake of cutting it. I had a good motivation too. I actually donated my 14 inch pony tail to Locks of Love. If you are not familiar with this charity, I urge you to click the link and take a look at what they are all about. It is the ONE charity I can actually get behind and contribute to.

Any of you who know me, also know that I am never one to give to charities. Mainly this stems from a complete distrust of any “charity” organization with specific regards to where the money actually goes. Locks of Love is a charity which is run in such a way that I don’t have to worry about that.

Ok, enough of my soap-boxing…
After 7 years of long hair, it was again time to change. I knew this was the case when it started actually bothering me a month back. That was when I started researching charities which I could donate to, since I realized the value of my hair to wig-makers, etc. Once I had researched enough and was comfortable with Locks of Love, I made the decision to cut it off. The hardest part for me, however, not actually getting it cut but rather making the call for the appointment.

When I got home Tuesday, I pretty much decided that was the day, and called the number for the Lisa Belle/ Aveda salon which Jean has recently been to. I called with two questions: do you take walk-ins? and do you work with Locks of Love?
I was answered in the affirmative on both points and scheduled an appointment for 15 minutes later (it has to be on the books I guess).

When I walked in the salon, I was treated with a level of service which I have never experienced when getting a cut previously. I was impressed. Samara (my stylist) is personable and was very gentle with me while discussing a possible style and why I was cutting off “all” of my hair. After she realized that the decision was my choice and I was comfortable with it, the tail was gone in a matter of 3 snips. She topped it off with a scalp massage and shoulder rub with scented oils, then it was off to the wash basin.

An hour later, she was complete and I walked out of the salon about 20 pounds lighter. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating, but it did feel a bit lighter. As I left, I swear I was the rock star in the salon that day. Everyone there, patrons included, commented on how good the short hair looked and how cool it was that the pony tail was being donated. I left that salon feeling so unbelievably good about myself, and that is exactly what I had needed.

Fast forward to today, and I still feel pretty good. Loving the new look and comfort. I do miss the curls, but I can grow them back later if I want to; if nothing else but to donate another pony tail to a great cause.