And 2005 starts out fairly mildly…

For once, I think I have relatively little to say. New Year’s Eve was fabulous. We spent the time over at Giles and Giuseppe’s party. There really is nothing like a nice formal party to ring in the New Year. Hopefully I can find –someone- who had taken pictures of Jean and I as well as the rest of the guests, since I forgot to bring my own camera along to document the occasion.

The rest of the weekend was fairly low-key. New Year’s Day was spent on the couch, and in the evening we managed to drag our butts over to Husam and Elspeth’s for wine and chili. We corked some splendid vintages, the most notable being a 1992 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon which had just achieved nothing less than perfection.

Sunday was even more relaxed as we stayed at home and entertained Raz, Maggie, and Casey, as well as the T’s and Logan for the afternoon/evening. Good food and good friends. What more do you need?

Edit: As a side note, I just found the following website to help track the bottles in your wine cellar:
This is exactly what I had been looking for and in need of recently!