An LJ posting just for Mary

In minor retaliation for the snake debacle that was thrust upon me on Monday thanks to Mary, along with a bout of boredom, some time on my hands, the need to do something other than web-design for a bit, and a keen sense of dark humour, I give you:

Cause deep down, even blind people need to skank to the Beat!

Oh, and a good clown face just out of principle!

Sleep well Mary…. you’ll never hear those floppy shoes creeping up the stairs behind you. And while you may hear the faint honking of a horn in the distance, rest assured you’ll never -see- them coming 🙂

Soon enough I should have a new website update for you all to gander at. I am hoping by early next week, but that may be pushed off a bit until I can obtain the final bits of material/content I need.

One thought on “An LJ posting just for Mary

  1. YOU
    my dear
    are a fucker 🙂
    ok, the Skanking with the blind was fucking HYSTERICAL!
    Clowns are the debbil… You just WAIT til I have time to post today
    YOU are in TROUBLE!
    Whining at my poor hubby about a motorcycle.

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