A weekend from hell…


This past weekend, Jean and I devoted ourselves to priming and painting the main living room. To do this, I needed to prep the room appropriately which meant removing the 4 all sconces and capping off the wire leads. Since I had to shut power off to do this, I took the time with the house powered down to replace the ceiling fan in the craft/2nd guest room.

While Jean prepped the room with tarps and sanded walls, I went about removing the sconces and found I needed some more electrical tape to re-wrap some of the older wiring in the boxes. Jean ran out to Lowe’s to get me more tape and pickup lunch while I moved on to the ceiling fan.

Over the course of the morning everything went well and the fan installed fairly easily. Since I had the whole house powered down, I threw the main breaker back on to test the fan and bring up my computers again…. and this is where all hell broke loose.

Everything came up -except- for one breaker which stayed tripped. Of course this was the one breaker which I needed on to test the install of the fan. I flipped it off and back on, which immediately resulted in a trip again… rinse and repeat: no good.

So I go down the path of troubleshooting…
I uninstall the new fan, cap off the leads, test… tripped. Damn.
I continue on and end up removing all plugs from outlets in the upstairs, and even removed the ceiling fan I replaced two weekends ago in the Master bedroom and capped those leads in the assumption that an issue may reside there since it was a recent change. No go.
I even go as far as buying a new breaker (only to find it was the wrong connection type) and tested with a known good breaker, which resulted in the same trip.

Looks like an issue with the circuit. DAMN.
By this point, I am in full panic mode since it is 3.30pm, my office is down, and I have no solution in sight. Luckily my senses come to me while I am on the phone with the emergency electrician and I save myself $180 emergency fee by running extension cords to the office. Ok, got a work around… now I can wait until normal hours to get an electrician out and fix the issue without the additional emergency expense.

Yes, I was in full panic mode. Yes I drank A LOT over the weekend. Of course some of that was just because I was so tired from painting also.

The weekend wasn’t a total loss though, regardless of how it may sound. We were able to both prime and paint the living room and stairwell. To save you all from more words, I’ll just let the pictures speak to our accomplishments thus far (with a reminder that this room is nowhere near finished):


…and painted:

More pictures can be found in my Picasa Web album here: http://picasaweb.google.com/acdntlpoet/Renovations

Damn, I think I need more cowbell….

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    1. You’re telling me! I swear Jean and I lost a combined 75lbs of water weight just from sweating! Ugh.

      I hope you were able to stay cool, not that you are ever un-cool of course 😉

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