A quick house buying update

A quick house buying update

Here we sit in the middle of escrow, literally. We are scheduled to close on Dec. 11th, which looked to be in jeopardy of slipping to a later date as of last Friday.

Sitting at lunch Friday afternoon with John, Mary, and Colleen, I received a call I couldn’t let go to voicemail. Our realtor, Doug, was calling with information from the appraiser that the permits for the 1994 renovations on the house were not completed with a final walkthrough and sign off.

This, of course, sent me off into a whirlwind of worry as I attempted to figure out what our options were at this point. Without going into all the issues, suffice to say that getting the permits signed off would cause us to slip the close date (which would cause the seller’s contingency buy of a new place to slip) and would result in a tax increase based on the additional assessed square footage.

Because of the holiday, we had to wait until Monday to get word from the City Planner if indeed the permits hadn’t been completed, or if the information was just missing from the records available to the appraiser. Well, as Doug was verifying this information, the appraiser called back and indicated that he wouldn’t sign off on the appraisal until the permits were completed, which basically took any choice out of our hands.

So an inspector was scheduled to go out to the house and do the final walk-through inspection, which resulted in a few minor caulking issues which the seller will have taken care of before close. But all said and done, and the permits are now signed off without having slipped the close date. Basically, everything concluded in a best case scenario, which of course was the LAST thing we expected as we … (ok only ME)… as I worried about all of the worst case scenarios and how to deal with each case.

As we stand currently, escrow is once again progressing as expected and we have no fear of any permitting issues down the line if we find ourselves in need of selling at some point.

Assuming that we are still taking possession on December 15th, then we are still on a good timeline to get the necessary work completed prior to our move-in, hopefully around the 2nd or 3rd week in January.

12 thoughts on “A quick house buying update

  1. 30 days of anxious boredom, punctuated by moments of sheer terror, with the moments themselves periodically drizzled with a sauce of criminations, grets and a sprinkle of yikeses. (in short… it’s escrow)

    Hope y’all had a fabulously yummy and healthy Thanksgiving!

    1. Yup, that sums it up quite well πŸ™‚

      We had an outstandingly yummy Turkey day, though no where near healthy. Since John, Mary, & Colleen all came to visit, we ended up doing an abbreviated whirlwind eating tour of Portland. GREAT food… thank gods our diets were on hold this weekend πŸ˜‰

      1. Eating tour??
        The tour part was just the in between when we needed to kill time between EATING.

        I’m still dreaming of a Dundee Bistro Burger.

        1. Ah yes, the typical J&J vacation… plan the meals, THEN figure out what to do in between to get hungry πŸ™‚

          By the by, for anyone reading, the Dundee Bistro in Dundee, Oregon does indeed have the BEST burger ever consumed.


          Go there. Eat the burger. TRY and disagree afterwards. You will fail.

            1. Sure haven’t, but I will have to!

              I’ll tell ya though, my out of town guests DEMAND the Dundee Bistro burger now… its that good πŸ˜‰

            2. I will have to give it a try! Is it just on 99 or is it off the beaten path? We do the wine country thing a couple times a year, and Gerry’s mother lives in Amity so we drive through there whenever we visit her. I’d totally do a pit stop for a bitchin burger.

            3. Yup, directly on the 99 across the street from Argyle.

              And I am seriously going to get me some Slow Bar burger soon too. I just need a week off to stabilize my weight loss again πŸ™‚

            4. I know exactly where that is…so it must be right by Ponzi!

              Hey, maybe we should all meet up at Slow Bar for burgers some night! That is a fantastic place to meet people–big squashy red booths, good jukebox (if you like punk & oldskool metal, that is), central location.

            5. The only bad thing about the Bistro burger is that I couldn’t finish the whole thing either time I had it. Nothin’ but roll, grilled red onion, a thick slice of white Tillamook cheddar, and the juiciest meat hot off the most well-seasoned grill on the planet! I’m definitely ruined for all other burgers.

    1. Yep, I HATE decisions that have large price tags… Such as: if we choose this path, it may cost us an extra $10,000 down the line, or it may not… UGH!

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