Whiskies all around me!

I’ve been busy lately, with whiskies on my mind!

First up are two posts on the 3DC site covering my results from round one of aging distillate on my own, followed closely by my notes from the in-progress round two tastes:

Then, of course, in between are my notes on the latest PDXWhisky tasting I was at last weekend:

And coming up this weekend is Stuart Ramsay’s Whisky Academy class on American whiskies being held at the Bull Run distillery in Portland… looking forward to learning more about American whiskies and what is an admittedly very new undertaking for me.


Then… as if I haven’t spent enough time around whiskies this month….

The weekend after is the annual Oregon Distiller’s Guild TOAST event where I’ll be enjoying some local drams, as well as craft distillers from around the nation. Always a fun event to discover new and exciting stuff going on… after all, it’s where I met Ted of Big Bottom Whiskey last year who just last month is able to boast a gold medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition! Great stuff to be found at TOAST indeed!

Rest assured, all of this activity means more whiskies related blog posts for the 3DC site, and likely more links over there from this blog 😉


2 thoughts on “Whiskies all around me!

  1. I almost hate you. Living in Los Angeles almost every such event is prohibitively expensive, almost impossible to get to because of traffic and/or parking, and populated by the pretentious because whisky is “so in now” or “the next big thing.”

    And so, I close with :P~
    See you in October,

    1. The only difference between PDX and LA in this regard is that if you live in the right areas our mass transit is exceptional. Cost, parking, and pretentious attitudes are all still very common and ubiquitous issues regardless of city. Also, I’ll point out that good whiskies events are still hard to come by here, as this is indeed a beer town through and through.

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