The Content Success Quadrant

Content success is the foundation of how I look at content management in my work as a content strategist in the Knowledge-Centered Services (KCS) methodologies. As a content strategist, it is incumbent upon me to ensure that all efforts should be directed towards achieving content success. This involves focusing on the top right quadrant seen in the following image, also known as Golden Content, where quality and performance converge to create peak successful content.

Content success is seen at the convergence of quality and performance in the positive space.

Content success can be seen at the intersection of quality and performance in the positive space of the top right quadrant. This means that content must be both well-crafted and impactful to be considered successful. This approach guides my content lifecycle management workflows, providing a basis for decision-making that ensures actions taken align with the variable criteria for content success.

Content success, of course, extends beyond just creating high-quality content. It is equally important to manage content that has become obsolete and to archive it appropriately. This ensures that resources are focused on creating and maintaining successful content. This both keeps a clean, healthy knowledge base, as well as ensuring search is no longer clogged with irrelevant or less-relevant results.

As a content strategist, I use this quadrant for my lifecycle management strategies to work hand-in-hand with content graduation workflows to move content to more appropriate spaces for consumption and impact. This approach ensures that content is being used in the right context and that it continues to deliver value over time.

To achieve content success, we adopt a knowledge-centered approach that emphasizes creating and maintaining knowledge as a key asset of the organization. This means that content must be created in a way that is easily discoverable, reusable, and can evolve over time. By adopting this approach, and using the simplicity of the Content Success Quadrant, content strategists can help their organizations create a culture of knowledge sharing that is sure to deliver consistent value over time.