Sigh, I HATE being a disappointment and being disappointed.

So, yeah… double jeopardy for me today because I get to be a disappointment AND disappointed all in the same go.

I have been worrying about how I would be able to meet my project deadline at work, and realized this week that October is going to be a month FULL of long days and probably weekend work in order to do so. With my trip to Irvine next week taking me out of the office for 5 days, and my major project portion in a stop-work scenario until I can get funding approval, I am finding my time to be very constrained.

This all means that I will not be making it down to Great Western War as I had previously planned. To take another (essentially 5) few days off from any ability to work in October, would put me behind my deadline in a way that I couldn’t recover.

Sadly, I had the feeling all along that this would happen, but up until last week I thought I’d be able to pull it all off. Obviously that isn’t the case anymore and something had to give. Since I can’t cancel my Irvine trip (required for my job), I have to adjust my schedule with regards to the things I can control… of course GWW isn’t the only item on the chopping block, but my personal time at home is going to be devastated as well. At least until Nov. 1, after which I’ll have a bit more breathing room until Feb. 2nd ’09 when my next deadline looms….

The only saving grace here is that I can see some friends during my Irvine trip, and that both Jean and I will be down in OC over Thanksgiving weekend as well. So at least there is SOME light at the tunnel’s end.

2 thoughts on “Sigh, I HATE being a disappointment and being disappointed.

    1. I am bummed that I am being forced to be responsible due to things outside of my control… grrr…

      As for Thanksgiving, we’ll be around from -late- on the 26th until mid-day on the 30th. Of course our families will -demand- time with us on Thursday, which really only leaves Fri and Sat somewhat ‘free’. Perhaps we can get a group together for lunch or dinner, etc?

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