Blatant self promotion

I’ll be the first to admit that I am no salesman; that I work in client support because I -can’t- sell is not a trait that has gone unnoticed by me or others. But, as my career shifts and molds to new adventures, more and more I am finding the need to sell myself, or more specifically, my ideas and abilities.

When About.Me came onto my radar, I jumped at the chance to use it as a virtual business card of sorts; a way to roll up a general idea of who I am into a few sentences and connect to some of the other places for more information depending on context.

As with everything, this is a work in progress. I think it gives a fair representation at present, but I may remove more personal items in favour of more professional. Time will tell how I modify this based on usage and feedback. For now, it seems to stand well as yet another signpost in the ether connecting the various spaces in which I play.

Of course, as one of the people I follow on twitter noted: (This is a) boring concept with good execution. So I’ll have to see if great implementation alone will make this a useful tool, or if it just another internet fad/profile which I’ll end up forgetting about and abandoning within a year. For now, however, my profile has been built and will stand out there as another way to self promote, albeit in a rather passive way.

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