Two tenets for a successful social business program

Ownership, and focus of vision. Those are the two recurring themes I’ve seen these past few years which are necessary to run a successful social business program; both of these will be your guiding light moving forward with any social business strategies or activities. First up is the idea of ownership. What I mean by […]

A business ethos that transcends industry

I was recently listening to a podcast via Bet On You in which my friend Ted Pappas was interviewed about  Big Bottom Whiskey and what inspired him to start the business. In this 45 minute conversation (it’s an interview but has a deep conversational tone that Ted cultivates well), he discusses a lot of the early […]

Gamification is great, until it destroys us

Or:  “On the ethical use of gamification.” Gamification is the use of game theory in practical application to drive real world activities and behaviours. One of the most simple examples of this is the rewarding of badges on websites where users are encouraged to participate. This may be a television show’s site or a topical […]

Community as a key to success; or, there’s Too Many Secrets

One of the keys to long-term success is the involvement in community. You’ve likely heard me say that the only value in knowledge is not in applied knowledge but rather in shared knowledge. While applied knowledge of course has some value, it is in the sharing of knowledge where real and long-term impact value is […]