Blue Galaxy and the future of business

 Blue Galaxy is an IBM idea (as @kellypuffs says in her developerWorks article: a project, movement, community, initiative; or as I say just a cool thing) to connect the subject matter experts inside and outside the firewall with others who can benefit from those connections. I was lucky enough and honoured to have been selected […]

Improve your personal digital eminence by adding value

I’ve written on this topic before and in multiple spaces. I first touched on the idea back in January 2011 with this post over on the Notes from Rational Support blog: On Personal Digital Eminence. In that post I set for a simple call to action for “both IBMers and the public alike: Get out […]

The ethical treatment of data

Subtitle: When shared public records are no longer lost to time. With great freedom comes great responsibility. – Eleanor Roosevelt  A published author and long-time friend of mine posted a link on Facebook to the following article noting that, as a writer, she was elated to have access to such a great resource for research […]