Finding a Facebook page’s RSS feed

Sometimes my blog can be boring. This is one of those technical posts that likely won’t be relevant to anyone but me: With Facebook’s EdgeRank implementation determining what you see on your news feed you may have noticed that some posts by your favourite pages aren’t showing up. Or, perhaps you want to aggregate your […]

Using RSS and Email to prevent future embarrassment

We’ve all seen it: the Facebook post purporting that onions cure every illness, or that asking your friends to make changes on the network will keep your posts private and invisible to all the “baddies” out there. By this point I’m sure we know that’s all hogwash, but every day there are more and more […]

YouTube and RSS: Building a feed link

Most of you who know me likely are aware of my distaste for YouTube; not necessarily because of the content, but because it is content that requires singular focus, much like podcasts, where I can’t multi-task through it. I prefer to consume information via text which I CAN multitask around without pausing and coming back […]