Two tenets for a successful social business program

Ownership, and focus of vision. Those are the two recurring themes I’ve seen these past few years which are necessary to run a successful social business program; both of these will be your guiding light moving forward with any social business strategies or activities. First up is the idea of ownership. What I mean by […]

Advertising gone wrong – sexism exemplified

I was going to post this week about how Dewar’s completely screwed up their latest ad with some appalling sexism. But it seems the larger whiskies community really beat me to the punch, and with far more effect! So, instead, I’ll just touch on the problem and highlight some of the better blog articles posted […]

Be a successful social business by being social internally too

Whenever people talk about social business, almost everyone immediately thinks of company presences on Twitter or Facebook, profiles on LinkedIn, corporate blogging, and/or engaged in conversation in forums. What we all tend to forget (yes, that includes me as well), is that being a social business isn’t just about external activities, it also needs to […]