Information is currency; Privacy doesn’t exist

Earlier today one of my dear friends shared this article and tagged me for comment:¬†Facebook Knows Everything About You, And If You Don’t Believe Us Here’s Proof The article details out how UbiSoft’s marketing for their new game inadvertently shows how much Facebook knows about you. This is done via their Digital Shadow site after […]

Privacy and social engagement

On the heels of last week’s post about the fear of saying the wrong thing, there’s another fear that also prevents some people from engaging in social media: privacy. Privacy and security fears have been noted as the number one biggest fear for anyone who spends time on-line. For some of these people, those fears […]

Protect yourselves, stay vigilant

On Monday, I ran across a story on a local news station¬†regarding a security breach of some DNS servers, how the FBI put a temporary safety net in place, and now how the servers will be shut down in July. This prompted a larger scale informational campaign to help computer users determine if their own […]

Why you should care about online activity tracking

My friend, Augustine von Freiburg, recently put out a call over on G+ asking to “Convince me that I should care that [insert name of all-powerful social network here] is tracking me.” The conversation continued for a bit noting that the likely only real issue is that now advertisements can be targeted to you. Since […]