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And now for something completely different…

Posted by on Tuesday, 10 March, 2009

As promised, pics of the new cut, behind the cut, like a good little emo kid:

A direct link to the Picasa album is here.


It is kinda like my hearse…

Posted by on Monday, 9 March, 2009

… in that I’ve always wanted one, and realized I can have one now. So I did.

Since I work from home, and rarely leave the house, I figured a haircut really didn’t matter. So, I let it go far too long for my own taste and didn’t see a barber for over 3.5 months. I got a bit shaggy. And then I realized, when I get it cut, I can do anything I want.

I’ve been a bit antsy anyways, and looking for a good change to shake things up a bit. So yesterday Jean and I headed out for a day downtown. We ended up at Bishops barber shop at around 3pm and I sat for about half an hour while Danica clipped away at my head.

End result: mohawk.

Later, Jean and I ended up at Alteration Nation to pickup some hair dye. After all, what is a mohawk without proper colour? We walked out of there with a t-shirt, vintage velvet coat, and some violet wildflower Special Effects dye to give a dark purple/blue hue to my head.

Sadly, the dye didn’t take well last night, so we’ll be bleaching and redying tonight, after which I expect to fan it up and get some decent pictures for you all (since I know you are on the edge of your seat with antici-… wait for it… -pation).

Good times. And yes, I AM straining to keep a hold of my rebellious youth, thankyouverymuch. \m/