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My embedded portfolio

Posted by on Thursday, 25 July, 2013

I’ve been updating my portfolio on periodically. Every time I do so, a notice goes out to both the WaywardCelt Photography Facebook page as well as my account. I also tend to manually post to my GooglePlus account and tag for other photographers to see and comment. But, I rarely post any of my portfolio work here, instead using this blog to discuss social business topics and to share photos which generally don’t make it to the portfolio at all.

That said, today I am going to embed my entire portfolio gallery below as a way to let you easily peruse (yes, I’m using peruse correctly here) every shot I’ve added over the past year. Remember, if you find an image you like, my portfolio is set up with a shopping cart to allow you to buy a print and even to have it framed as well. I also have digital downloads and a varied number of other fun products you may find interesting and worthwhile (I’m still contemplating a huge wall cling for our pantry using the copper still or corks image).  With that, I hope you enjoy the shots below!

Photo editing

Posted by on Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

Since launching WaywardCelt Photography I’ve dug into some of my archives and begun playing a bit more with heavier photo-editing. Generally I like to keep my photography simple and get as close to a final product directly from the camera as I can. Most images for sale on my site have minor light level adjustments at most. Some have no editing at all. But, while I was building my site and selecting the images to host, I realized I have quite a bit of photos that were okay in composition, but were lacking other bits that would make them exceptional . So I figured why not play around and see if I could salvage any.

To that end, here’s a smattering of images which have all been edited more heavily than simple level adjusts. While some may still appear only minimally modified, others are obviously worked to a point of over-processing. You may have seen some of these pop up on my WaywardCelt Photography Facebook page already, the rest will likely show up over there during the course of the next two weeks; however none of these are yet added to my portfolio site. So consider this blog and my Facebook page as a bit of test beds for the photos; only the best of which will make it to my portfolio site: